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Volume 26, Number 6 — June 2019

Stardust Official Movie Website set to Launch

January 09, 2007

Movie fans awaiting news of Stardust will be very interested in a recent entry on the blog of Neil Gaiman whose novel the movie is based upon, along with the creative forces of fantasy illustrator Charles Vess. Stardust is generating much anticipation ahead of its summer release.

From Neil's blog Jan. 6:
"Just a heads up — some time in the next couple of days the Stardust
Movie site is going to go live. It's been up at
for a while, but hasn't had any content until now.

I've just been sent a preview of the first round of content, and it's
really fun — there's a gallery of Charles Vess Stardust art, much of
it previously unseen, there are video interviews with me about the
origins of Stardust and about Charles Vess...

...And I forgot to mention that Sir Ian McKellen will be doing the
narration for the Stardust film."

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