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Volume 26, Number 4 — April 2019

Art in Public Places

AAME announces Selections for 2007

By ANGELA WAMPLER | August 01, 2007

Arts Alliance Mountain Empire (AAME) has announced the winning sculptures that will be mounted in a one-year outdoor art exhibition in downtown Bristol. The exhibit, organized by AAME's Art in Public Places (AiPP) committee, is designed to enhance downtown Bristol's cityscape, increase traffic, and provoke thought.

The sculptures will be set in place on Aug. 1, followed by a walking tour on Aug. 2 at 2 p.m. with the artists explaining their work. Later, the public will be able to tour the sculptures using a self-guided brochure, and they may vote for a "People's Choice" award.

Candice Snodgrass, chairperson of AAME's Art in Public Places committee, said, "Numerous studies have shown that public, outdoor art not only enhances the viewscape, it also attracts new residents and businesses to a city. Companies looking for new locations appreciate a city that values art and cultural expression." Many cities require that a percentage of new construction monies be set aside for outdoor visual art installations, she added.

"Art in Public Places is one of the most exciting and visible projects that we sponsor," said Dee Sproll, president of AAME. "The many individuals and companies who donated to make it happen have made a wonderful investment in the Twin Cities of Bristol."

The Juror's Statement

This is the second annual Art in Public Places competition. To assure objectivity, an out-of-area specialist chose the winning sculptures. This year's juror was Vaughn Whitney Garland, co-founder and co-curator of Richmond's Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition.

"We Will March Through The Streets Of The City"
- The Carter Family

"Eighty years ago, A.P. Carter, Sara Carter, and Mother Maybelle Carter of Maces Springs,
Va. walked into the Victor Recording office in Bristol and created history in the form of
mountain music. Today, another kind of art form finds its way to those same streets — in
much the same way.

Selecting the outdoor sculptures for the 2007 Art in Public Places has been a great joy
and privilege for me. The success of this show rests on the shoulders of those who made it
possible: the individuals with a vision and love for the arts, such as the artist in his or her
studio; and those who support the arts. I am very fortunate and honored to be a small part
of this important exhibition.

The works I selected speak to the way I view the town and the surrounding area -
whether by its beauty, its history, or its playful atmosphere. These nationally recognized
artists are as diverse as they are talented; and it is a true pleasure to see the dreams of
both Bristol, Va. and Bristol, Tenn. mirror those of the culture of such great artists in and
around the city.

My hope for the 2007 Art in Public Places outdoor sculpture exhibition is that as we
march through the city, we recall all of those cultures that make Bristol and the surrounding
regions unique."
- Whitney Vaughn Garland

To arrange a guided tour, call 423-612-9447 or email

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