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Volume 26, Number 7 — July 2019

Barter Adds Stars to Walk of Fame

Barter Theatre has inducted three new members into Barter's Walk of Fame: Betsy Boyd, Mike Ostroksi and Greg Owens.
Barter Theatre has inducted three new members into Barter's Walk of Fame: Betsy Boyd, Mike Ostroksi and Greg Owens.

May 25, 2008

ABINGDON, Va. ? Barter Theatre publicly recognized three outstanding individuals ? Betsy Boyd, Mike Ostroski and Greg Owens ? for their contributions in making the magic of theatre happen.

Induction into Barter's Walk of Fame is an opportunity to pay homage to those who have made significant and lasting gifts of their time, talents and leadership to Barter Theatre.

Producing Artistic Director Richard Rose began the ceremony by quoting Barter's founder, Robert Porterfield, "I'd like to think my work is not as mortal as myself...and that it will outlast me and my generation and the one after that."

The first honoree was Barter Board Trustee Betsy Boyd. A native of Asheville, N.C., Betsy's first association with Barter Theatre was a summer job working for Robert Porterfield's 1952 production of Thunderland in Asheville.

After moving to Kingsport in 1953, she began selling PassBooks for Barter and to this day, is one of the highest sellers. Betsy has served as a member of Barter's Campaign Cabinet, The Porterfield Society and the Friends of Barter. Boyd was honored for 30 years of service on Barter's Board of Trustees.

The second star on Barter's Walk of Fame was presented to Barter Resident Actor Mike Ostroski. Mike is beginning his tenth season at Barter where he also serves as Barter's stage combat choreographer and fight captain, and has worked extensively with The Barter Player Company as both a director and adaptor. For six years, Mike has organized

The Annual Barter Holiday Potluck Dinner Charity Silent Auction of Love, which has raised well over $13,500 for The United Way of Washington County. He is also instrumental in developing the Barter Goes Green project, has participated in the Emory & Henry Acting Mentorship Program and, in 2003, was awarded the WETB-AM Award of Excellence for Outstanding Achievement through Leadership and Communication. Saint Joan marks his 63rd full production at the Barter, more roles than any other actor on the Barter stage.

The final honoree was Master Carpenter Greg Owens, who has played an integral part in creating the magic on Barter stages through his work in the scene shop building elaborate, stunning and diverse sets. Originally from Bristol, he spent 12 years in New York building sets for Broadway, film and television before returning home and working for Barter Theatre. In his 20 years at Barter, he estimates that he has worked on 400-500 shows.

Barter will permanently install granite plaques engraved with the honorees' names and their significant contributions in the sidewalk in front of the theatre. The three recent honorees will join 18 previous inductees that include Barter Theatre's three leaders: Robert Porterfield, Rex Partington, and Richard Rose.

For more information on Barter Theatre's Walk of Fame please contact Barter Theatre's Development Department at (276) 619-3303.

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