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Volume 26, Number 6 — June 2019

POETRY by Henry McCarthy

Henry McCarthy
Henry McCarthy

By Henry McCarthy | March 25, 2008

The Edge

Mornings I walk by my neighbor's house
She speaks, turns her back, waters her flowers
And pretends not to see

Yesterday while cleaning my gutters
My neighbor (the obtuse one I call her)
Appears at the edge of my yard
Calls to me

"The little fawn — your dog didn't hurt it did she"

"No" I say "she only chases it to the edge of the yard
Never beyond"
"Oh good" she says

And crosses back to the edge of her yard
To pick up her garden hose
My neighbor who loves the gentle fawn
My neighbor — the obtuse one.

# # #

Henry McCarthy says, "My reason for writing 'The Edge' is to demonstrate that we often judge people without knowing them. In a society where we do not get to know our neighbors, it is very important to take the time to listen to what is in their hearts."

McCarthy has published poems in the Appalachian Journal of Expressive Arts, Clinch Mountain Review, and Lost State Voices. A former Assistant Dean at Appalachian State University, he graduated from East Tennessee State University. He spends his free time riding the Virginia Creeper Trail.

# # #

Flowers in the Park

by Henry McCarthy

"Ah senor, es usted
I shine your shoes, un momento
How you been in the states"
"Muy bien" I say "You are numero uno in the shoeshine business"

The blackened brown hands move
Quickly over my shoes
A quick smile crosses his face
He snaps his cloth to show he's finished

I pay him fifteen pesos
He looks at me, taps me on the shoulder
Says "Later me amigo"
Never have I felt so much warmth
"Later Enrique."

# # #

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