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Volume 26, Number 5 — May 2019

BCMA Elects Officers

December 09, 2008

BRISTOL, VA/TN — - The Birthplace of Country Music Alliance elected officers for the coming year at its annual meeting on Nov. 21, 2008.

For the year ending June 2009, the officers will be: Fred McClellan, President; Edd Hill, President- Elect; David Deal, Vice President; Nate Kiser, Secretary; and Nita Vollmer, Treasurer.

In addition to selecting officers, the organization also approved a number of changes that will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the Board of Directors. "These By-Laws revisions are a very important and a strong first step towards becoming stewards of a multi-million dollar facility," noted Fred McClellan, Board President. Chief among the By-Laws changes were the implementation of a governance structure to accommodate President Elect and Past President positions, align the Board's working year to the organization's operating year, and setting of term limits for members of the Board of Directors. McClellan added that strategic planning, policy development, and governance will continue to be a priority and focus of the organization in the coming months.

"I appreciate the support of the members of the board of directors and staff in helping me guide the organization to this point," noted McClellan. He stated that he has witnessed the organization's transformation from a handful of individuals with a vision to an organization developing a multi-million dollar facility. McClellan noted that it was time for a change in leadership at this point in the organization's development, as these efforts would broaden the Board's leadership base and build in a leadership succession plan. "As we enter into the construction phase next year, I can think of no one better equipped to lead the organization than Edd Hill."

"I appreciate the leadership and hard work of Fred McClellan the past four years in getting the organization to this point," commented Hill. "I hope to be able to build upon his achievements as the organization continues to grow."

Hill, President and CEO of HVAC, Inc. of Bristol, will assume the position of President of the Board of Directors in July 2009. In addition to being President-Elect of the Birthplace of Country Music Alliance, Hill also serves on the Board of Directors of the Bristol Rotary Club.

The Birthplace of Country Music Alliance is a non-profit organization dedicated to telling the story of the living musical heritage of the Appalachian mountains and the cultural traditions that sustain it. The Birthplace of Country Music Alliance is funded in part by grants from the Virginia Commission for the Arts and the Tennessee Arts Commission. For more information, call (276) 645-0111 or visit online at