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Volume 26, Number 4 — April 2019

The Future of the Non-Profit Internet

Pew Internet recently released its annual
Pew Internet recently released its annual "Future of the Internet" report.

Survey Forecasts Direction of Online Media

March 08, 2010

In February 2010, Pew Internet released its annual Future of the Internet report. The survey of 900 leaders forecasts the future direction of online media. In turn, non-profit strategists can glean insights into the future and how to steer their individual programs.

This year's research report dove into five critical areas. Here's what non-profits need to take away from the Pew report for their efforts:

1. Google Changes the Way We Think
The report goes into great depth about Google — or more specifically, search and the short attention span of the Internet surfer. While most feel that Google does not make us stupid, it does change the way we approach information, changing cognitive processing. End readers will need to have better critical thinking and analytical skills to discern quality information.

2. The Internet Changes Language
Another critical issue debated by the report is the evolution — or the de-evolution — of the English languagedue to SMS, Twitter and other short forms of communication.

3. The Pundits Don't Know What They're Talking About
Predicting the future of the Internet has become a full time job for many, but 80 percent of Pew survey respondents say the pundits don't really know what's coming next.

4. The Internet Will Remain End-to-End — Sort Of
Many Internet users rely on voices they trust to filter that information — from top-ranked bloggers to community content streams on social networks. Non-profits will need to maintain strong relationships with powerful community influencers.

5. Anonymity and Privacy Will Continue to Be Big Issues
This is a particular thorny topic for non-profits...While privacy remains important, so does maintaining enough openness to keep a community committed.

To read the full report, CLICK HERE.