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Volume 26, Number 6 — June 2019

Local Groups Rely on Arts Commission Funding

Letter sent to Editor of Bristol Herald Courier

March 09, 2010

The time has come for all good men and women to come to the aid of the Virginia Commission for the Arts.

A simple statement, but the support is very important. By now most of you know it has been proposed to eliminate the Virginia Commission for the Arts from the state budget by 2011. Citizens for the Arts (CART) receives several grants from the commission and having this money taken away could jeopardize the future of CART as we know it today.

CART will celebrate its 30th season in 2010-11 and if you support what CART has to offer to you as a citizen and our children in the school system, please make your voice heard. Give our senators and delegates a call or e-mail and tell them you want this vital part of our quality of life to continue and how important the arts are to the total economic package in the commonwealth.

If we lose the foundation of the arts, what kind of nation will we have in the future? Think about it. The outcome will not be pretty.

Ginger H. Branton

Richlands, Va.