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Volume 26, Number 4 — April 2019

Marketing the Arts: Meetings & Collaborations


Peter Yonka prefers to meet face-to-face to "connect with people. Body language tells me a lot. During a discussion, based on someone's body language, I might say, "Why do you think this is a bad idea?' or "You look like you're confused.' There's a different energy when you're in the same room and things can happen organically. Creative people love to feed off each other. That's something you can't quite get via email, phone, or videochat."

Smith said, "Jane [Hillhouse] and I have three levels of meetings: (1) telephone and email communication (we do most things via email, but we talk on the phone if that's easier); (2) getting together for a specific project where Jane needs to do measurements or pick up materials (that's infrequent); and (3) once a year we discuss future plans over bacon and eggs at Cracker Barrel."

Twenty-five years ago, Hillhouse said, "Hand-drawn concepts made people sit back and look at "the big picture' before they looked at details. Today, a rough draft can actually look like a finished piece. Computers have accelerated everything and made so many things possible — enhancing and combining photos, the richness of colors — but sometimes clients can't see the trees for the forest."


Marketing the Arts: Design Consultants