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Volume 26, Number 7 — July 2019

Celebrating Poetry: Adam C. Lambert

Adam Lambert
Adam Lambert

March 29, 2011

A junior at East Tennessee State University, he is an English major and Philosophy minor. Adam is the current president of Literati, ETSU's creative writing society, and an avid writer of both poetry and fiction.

He was recently awarded for his poem "Huck Finn's Sonnnet 1," and cites Twain, Robert Penn Warren, Robert Morgan, and John Gardner as influences. He intends to write and teach college for a living, and plans to attend graduate school upon earning his undergraduate degree in 2012.

Stone Face Rock

by Adam C. Lambert

The Stone Face is pure in early
November after the terse turned
leaves have collapsed below its bust
and all within eyeshot is the
color of a cooling cigar tip.
I wonder if the Cherokee
chipped it away for arrow sharps
or if it was celestial design
for the amusement of
tobacco farmers. Maybe they
were wrong to tunnel through it so
coal could leave St. Charles and smoke
its way towards Dryden shaking my
house and rippling the winter water
running alongside of it to
Appalachia, where it breaks to
leave its load behind.

- "Elegy for June Cleaver" by Catherine Pritchard Childress

Topics: Poetry