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Volume 26, Number 2 — February 2019


Gerald Sheppard in his workshop. Photo by Jeff Sturgill
Gerald Sheppard in his workshop. Photo by Jeff Sturgill

Hand Crafting Musical Instruments

August 30, 2011

Webster's Dictionary defines "luthier" (pronounced LOO-ti-er) as a maker of stringed instruments, a task that requires intimate knowledge of materials, an eye for a pleasing shape, an ear finely attuned for tone, and a deep appreciation for the place of the instrument in the community and culture.

There are many talented and exacting craftsmen with these characteristics in our area. The skilled hands of these artisans produce music that strikes a deep chord in the souls of those whose heritage is grounded in the early music of this region.

In addition to crafting instruments, some are preserving and passing on their skills to a younger generation. And, while one uses wood from exotic locations, another chooses locally-grown wood from the Southern Appalachians.

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