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Volume 26, Number 4 — April 2019

Tennessee Arts Commission Launches New Website

November 19, 2011

NASHVILLE, TN — A new contemporary, innovative, website ( has been launched by the Tennessee Arts Commission.

A knowledge bank of arts resources, the website is designed to benefit users and attract new visitors to the site. In the planning stages for over a year, the website has strong, colorful graphics and is easy to navigate.

The design of the website emphasizes the web-based online grant application and eGRANT system. The entire grant process has been improved with quick access to guidelines, data gathering, and easy to use online application forms, which makes grant management more efficient and user-friendly.

With more than 450 pages, the impressive site offers information on each program area and contact information for staff members. The site includes information about the Commission, its members, the mission, how the agency operates, and the strategic plan. Video from Commission projects and activities is available through YouTube, and there are archives of information available. All of the abundant arts resources are easily accessed through a powerful search engine.

"The Tennessee Arts Commission website introduces users to the work of the agency. It is much like a front door. It should say "welcome' and invite visitors to come inside and get to know us," says Rich Boyd, executive director of the Commission. "Our website is a knowledge bank, a resource that offers easy access to useful, current, beneficial content. Information technology is how we communicate."

Working with Bobbi Martin, webmaster for Tennessee's Office of Information Resources, key members of the Arts Commission staff provided input and contributed ideas about content and design. Based on the original graphic design of Lydia Light, design director for the Commission, the agency's IT director Mike Chambers completed the technical aspects of the site and was responsible for implementation.

"Our new site contains volumes of important information and arts resources, and it is designed to expand to better serve Tennesseans," says Chambers. "As technology continues to change, we will make modifications and add needed improvements." Chambers suggests bookmarking, or adding the website to your favorites, for easy and convenient access.

According to Chambers, as part of the project, the Commission also introduced a Quick Response (QR) Code, which allows users of mobile devices to more quickly reach the website. "Quick response codes are being used more frequently," says Chambers. "They look a little like a bar code that we have all seen; with the appropriate app on your mobile device, the website can be reached instantly and easily."

The Tennessee Arts Commission is a state agency that funds and supports quality arts experiences that add value to the lives of every citizen, and enhances the quality of life in Tennessee communities.