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Volume 26, Number 4 — April 2019

Winners of Bristol's Art in Public Places Announced

<strong>Break Away</strong> By Beth Nybeck, Missouri
Break Away By Beth Nybeck, Missouri "There are different moments throughout life when we have an inner calling to break away from the pack. The moment someone does break away on their own it is a beautiful and terrifying journey This sculpture embodies the blur and rush that happens when one dares to run to a rhythm they have developed and in a direction they have forged."
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August 01, 2012

BRISTOL, TN-VA — Art in Public Places is a community art project organized and implemented by the Art in Public Places Board with the cooperation of the Bristol, Tenn., and Bristol, Va., city governments. Its goal is to install art in public spaces in Bristol for the enjoyment and enrichment of the community. Artist submissions are solicited from throughout the nation, and this year's entries were judged by Ben Hernandez from the Museum of Contemporary Art in Detroit, Mich.

The quotes with the photos of the sculptures are from the artists' statements.

Personal Space by Hanna Hubran, North Carolina "My journey began when I left my home town of Jish in 1967. My vision, goal and dream is to become an active voice out of this relatively invisible place."

Sail Away by Wayne Trapp, North Carolina "On a recent trip to the beach I observed a preponderance of sailboats, and further out in the bay were the buoys. It should allow the viewer's imagination to soar."

Mother and Child, Adam Walls, North Carolina " I see this as being symbolic of the sharing of nourishment, love, and life between and mother and a child."

Monolithic by Jon Mehlferber, Georgia "Inspired by the simple, graceful curve that results from bending a thin strip of wood. It is intentionally 'rough hewn' and 'scarified' in a manner reminiscent of marks found on some African masks and sculpture."

Jacob's Ladder by Paris Alexander, North Carolina "I have worked on the portal series for years and have produced dozens of works related to or inspired by these 'barrier doorways.'"

Tango for You by Davis Whitfield, North Carolina "For me, public sculpture is about engaging people to interact with art. By igniting the imagination of the viewer, sculpture allows us to revisit our childhoods, thinking in ways that most of us have not thought in ages. "

Formal-ly#1 by Joseph Bigley, North Carolina "This work is derived from observations of the interaction between humanity and nature. A symbiotic relationship, that at times is at odds with each other, the push and pull between the two parties may be interpreted through a sense of implied movement."