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Volume 26, Number 5 — May 2019

Kolton White plays Tim in "A Modern Christmas Carol'

By Leslie Grace | A! Magazine for the Arts | November 26, 2014

"A Modern Christmas Carol" is on the main stage at Barter Theatre, Abingdon, Va., and Tim is played by 8-year-old Kolton White.

Kolton just discovered this summer that he liked to be on stage, when he was a participant in the Barter Youth Academy.

"I heard about the Barter Youth Academy and thought it would be fun," he says. "I did it this summer and loved it."

He says the experience was "super fun." His first play, with the youth academy, was a musical. He played the main character Aladdin in "Aladdin." His character rubs a magic lamp, a genie appears and then the adventures begin. His director in the youth academy was Madeline Alford.

Kolton says he likes acting because, "I like to dress up, use props and be different characters. My favorite part is performing. I love performing for people and enjoy doing magic for my family and friends."

As much as he likes performing, auditioning for his role in "A Modern Christmas Carol" was frightening. "I was nervous and afraid I wasn't going to get the part," he says. "I sang my heart out when I sang "We Wish You a Merry Christmas.'"

As much as he likes being Tim and an elf in the play, he says his favorite part is "watching all of the other actors do their parts."

He gets to watch other actors and see how they approach their jobs not just during performances, but also during rehearsals.

"I sit and watch the adults rehearse until it is my turn to do my part," Kolton says. "I also hang out with the other kids in the play when we aren't up rehearsing."

Kolton says that this won't be his last stage role. "I want to grow up and be a famous actor that makes lots of money, so I can help other people with it. For now, I hope to be in more Barter shows and keep doing Barter Youth Academy."

When he isn't in school or rehearsing, he likes to draw.

Kolton is the son of Justin and Kimberly White and attends Watauga Elementary. He has a younger brother, Jackson, 6, and a sister, Kelsie, 23 months.

If you want to see Kolton on stage, "A Modern Christmas Carol" runs through Dec. 28.

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Abbey C. Elliott, Nick Koesters, Kolton White, Haley Keene and Rick McVey in Santa's Sleigh.