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Volume 26, Number 4 — April 2019

Brenda Crissman Musick's new book is released

December 31, 2014

Jan-Carol Publishing of Johnson City, Tennessee, announces the release of the Appalachian novel "A Place to Belong The Trials of an Appalachian Family" written by author Brenda Crissman Musick.

This sequel to Musick's earlier novel, "One-Eyed Tom," marks the second title in The Trials of an Appalachian Family series. Musick embraces her Appalachian heritage in her books, telling stories of spirit, strength, and tenacity.

In "One-Eyed Tom The Trials of an Appalachian Family" Musick emphasizes that young girls of the Appalachian Mountains have their dreams just like everyone else ... simple dreams of marrying a good man, moving across the hill and raising a family.

In "A Place to Belong," the author continues the tales from the young men's point of view; beginning with Luke, who is coming home. For eight years he has been running from the pain of losing the woman he loves. She can never be his, and yet he cannot stop loving her. He longs for healing, and so he's coming home ... searching.

Jessie has spent his entire life -filled with hatred for his father, yet he fears he may be like him. Because of that fear, he has vowed never to marry. Will the lovely, blue-eyed Mandy penetrate that wall around his heart? There's the secret that torments him about the day down at the river ... Alice has lost so much in her young life ... the man she loved and still loves, her siblings, her baby daughter. Now, it seems she may lose even more. This novel will capture your interest and capture your soul with the story of people searching ... for healing, for happiness and a place to belong.

Fellow Appalachian author Adda Leah Davis says of Musick's work that, "In her debut novel, "One-Eyed Tom,' Brenda Crissman Musick was underway in establishing herself as an Appalachian scholar and writer. That expertise is seen even more fully in this new novel. The empathy felt for Carrie evolves into admiration as she continues to love and guide her family. Each of Carrie's children cry out to have their stories told and that cry is answered in "A Place to Belong.' I hope Ms. Musick keeps writing."

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