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Volume 26, Number 4 — April 2019

List of artists in the show "Cosmos"

"Saturn" by Nancy Brittelle is on exhibit at William King Museum of Art.

January 26, 2015

The artists who are part of the "Cosmos" exhibit at William King Museum of Art have used a variety of media to share their vision of the universe. The media include prints, ceramics, sculpture, watercolor, collage, portraiture, mixed media, video, drawing, installation, wood burning, paper maché, clothing and more.

The artists and their topics are

Carole Farris Blevins, Earth

Nancy Brittelle, Saturn

Leila Cartier, Pleiades

Shawn Crookshank, Aquarius

Stephen Curd, The Cosmos

Tracy Ference, Taurus

Kathy Gibian, Uranus

Olivia Gibian, Mercury

Lindsey Holderfield, Sagittarius

Greg Howser, Cancer

Jan Hurt, Sun

Perry Johnson, Gemini

Barbara Kozero, Jupiter

Val Lyle, Virgo

Aaron McIntosh, Mars

Loy McWhirter, Aries

Pat Mighell, Moon

Lillian Minix, Scorpio

Peter Morgan, Neptune

D. R. Mullins, Pisces

Miles Polaski, North Star

Ron Sachs, Pluto

Ralph Slatton, Libra

Eric Smith, Capricorn

Ray Stratton, Halley's Comet

Misty Stratton, Venus

Nadya Warthen-Gibson, Leo

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Topics: Art, Exhibits