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Volume 26, Number 5 — May 2019

"The Tusculum Review" names advisory board members

February 01, 2016

GREENEVILLE, Tenn. – "The Tusculum Review" recently named Ada Limon and Allison Joseph as members of The Tusculum Review Advisory Board.

The Tusculum Review Advisory Board consists of regionally and nationally renowned editors and writers, who support the literary magazine by promoting it to their peers and encouraging their contacts to submit their literary work, as well as advising members of "The Tusculum Review" editorial staff.

"Each member was carefully selected and invited because they all have made impressive contributions to the world of letters and have influenced the editors of the Review in some way as mentors or collaborators," said Dr. Heather Patterson, associate professor of English at Tusculum College.

Dr. Patterson added, "For instance, Jaimy Gordon won the National Book Award for fiction in 2010, and Bonnie Jo Campbell and Ada Limon were both National Book Award finalists. Allison Joseph is the author of many works such as "What Keeps Us Here,' and "Imitation of Life.' Among her many honors is the John C. Zacharies First Book Prize. Ada Limón is the author of four books of poetry which lead to her becoming a finalist in the National Book Award. The members on our advisory board are successful and innovative writers, and we are proud to have them."

Board members include Limon, Gordon, Joseph, Campbell, Mary Cappello, Richard Greenfield, Martin Lammon, David Lazar, Patrick Madden, Michael Mortone, Wayne Thomas and Kellie Wells.

The Tusculum Review Advisory Board originated with Wayne Thomas, chair of the School of Arts and Sciences and associate professor of English, when he was editor of the Review. Thomas invited working writers to become involved with Tusculum's literary magazine, and when Dr. Patterson became editor, she did the same.

"The Tusculum Review" is an international literary journal that publishes visual art, drama, poetry, fiction and nonfiction. The journal is released annually. "The Tusculum Review" also offers students the chance to learn and refine their skills as reviewers of literature, critics of visual art and editors of the written word. These opportunities provide students with unique qualifications for graduate studies and employment in publishing.

"Tusculum College admires and appreciates literary work," said Dr. Patterson. "People from around the world have submitted to "The Tusculum Review,' and when people read it, they think of Tusculum College and witness Tusculum's support of the arts."

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