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Volume 26, Number 6 — June 2019

Tusculum art professor Allison releases book

August 23, 2016

GREENEVILLE The nature of reality, the soul and the soul's relationship with God is explored through an in-depth look at spiritual awakening in a recently published book by Clem Allison, professor emeritus of art for Tusculum College and Christian lay leader.

The book is titled, "Seeing Beyond: Awakening to the Reality of a Spiritually Interconnected, Evolving World" and is available on

"We are entering a period of transition — a grassroots, global spiritual awakening — that may be the most significant in the history of mankind," according to Allison.

Through his book, Allison suggests that humankind is experiencing parallel developments of a more encouraging nature. Drawing from growing bodies of evidence in biblical research, quantum physics, medicine and evolutionary psychology, Allison challenges the traditional religious orthodoxies that have trapped Christianity for centuries. Instead, he offers a thought-provoking argument for the idea that far from being detached observers of a divine universal creative process; humans are actually central participants in a spiritually interconnected, evolving, divinely inclusive world.

According to Allison, "Seeing Beyond" will offer readers a fresh perspective on the nature of reality, the soul and the soul's relationship to God and the world.

Allison has previously served as art department chairman and director of the division of arts and humanities at Tusculum College until his retirement in 1996. He continues to produce and exhibit his own art. He and his wife Beverly live in Greeneville and are the proud parents of twin daughters, Carrie and Jennifer.

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