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Volume 26, Number 7 — July 2019

Arts for Youth Spotlight — Hannah Fantin

Hannah Fantin
Hannah Fantin

Performing at Carnegie Hall

By Leslie Grace | A! Magazine for the Arts | March 27, 2019

Hannah Fantin joined Evan Dickson for a duet in Carnegie Hall, New York City, New York. They performed “Calliope,” an upbeat piece composed by Alexander Perkanov.

She earned the opportunity to play in Carnegie Hall by placing third in the Brooklyn Music Teachers Guild Intercontinental Piano Competition.

“Receiving the opportunity was quite the honor. We didn’t think we had a chance to place in the competition with ‘Calliope’ by Alexander Peskanov but with master classes from the composer, we were able to add theatrics and character to the music that impressed the judges,” Fantin says.

She has been playing piano for nine years. She and Dickson prepared for Carnegie by not only practicing multiple days a week, but also performing in front of local crowds.

“I began taking piano lessons at age 7 from a teacher from a music store. I received lessons from that individual for a year. He quit teaching after that year, but I continued practicing what I knew even though I couldn’t read music. We found another teacher after a year of searching. She taught me how to read music but she didn’t teach me any musicality. After two years, I became good at playing notes, but my mother wisely decided that I should no longer take lessons from her and find someone who could advance my playing beyond notes.

“Another year went by before we found a good teacher. The day we began, my dad lost his job and we couldn’t afford lessons but the teacher saw much potential in me and she instructed me for free until my dad found another job. She taught me how important touch and musicality was in music.I studied under her guidance for a year and a half until cancer claimed her life, and we were once again searching for another teacher.

“We found my current teacher, Carol Stone, during that summer. I have now been with her for almost two years. Before I began studying in her studio, I hadn’t learned any technique. My skills have immensely bloomed using the Russian Regimen. This regimen teaches the importance of relaxation to prevent carpal tunnel and tendonitis, and uses theory training to advance your playing,” she says.

Fantin is the 16-year-old daughter of Edward and Cindy Fantin. She is homeschooled. She plans to take lessons from Carol Stone for another two years and participate in several more piano competitions during that time. She also sings with the Mountain Empire Children’s Choral Academy. After that, she plans to go to Bob Jones University to get a degree in interior architecture and design, along with an associate’s in culinary arts.