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Volume 26, Number 5 — May 2019


Arts for Youth Articles

Youth Spotlight: Taking the Stage at Theatre Bristol
Wearable Art: Stunning Works by Jewelry Designers
Artistic Reflections II: Music and Art Take Center Stage
Affrilachia: Black Artists in Our Region
Betsy White & William King Regional Arts Center
Art in a Healing Environment
The Renaissance of Kingsport
The New Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
Outstanding Teachers in the Arts
State Street Gallery Owners Exhibit Passion, Courage & Determination
The Martin Legacy
Pulling Strings to Get Music Into Children's Lives
Summer Camps
All the World's a Stage ...
Art Walks help downtown areas
Bristol's new Birthplace of Country Music Museum
Barter Theatre partners with Abingdon High School
Virginia Arts Commission Wants Your Advice
10-Year-Old Author to receive "Mom's Choice" Literary Award
UPDATE: Tanasi Arts & Heritage Center
Youth Spotlight: Hunter Perrin, Craig Rockett and Jason Terrill.
Youth Spotlight: High School Bluegrass Band
AAA Safety Poster Contest Program Promotes Awareness and Safe Activities
Highlands Mentoring Center gets a Makeover
Tanasi Arts and Heritage Center Receives $50,000 Grant
Youth Enjoy Art in Public Places Tour
Wearable Art: Glenna Fleiner
Wearable Art: Patty Nickels
Wearable Art: James-Ben Stockton & Daniel Luther
Arts Spotlight on Youth: Making & Selling Jewelry
AAME announces People's Choice Award for Art in Public Places competition
2007 Barter Theatre Young Playwrights Festival Winners announced
Bagpiping Teen Plays to Raise Money for Summer Camp
Federal Budget to Provide Increases for Arts Programs
Artistic Reflections II: Bob Greene, Jr.
Artistic Reflections II: Ann Holler
Artistic Reflections II: Beth McCoy
Artistic Reflections II: Evelyn Pursley-Kopitzke
Artistic Reflections II: Jane Perry
Artistic Reflections II: Q & A with the Composers
Youth Spotlight: Moria Frazier
IN FOCUS: Christmas Concert
$16M Artisan Center coming to Abingdon
Abingdon Cave House gives Artisans Chance to Showcase, Sell Crafts
NEA announces New Play Development Project
Arts Commission awards $92,746 in Teacher Incentive Grants
Artistic Reflections II Gives Young Percussionist a Chance to Perform
Young Actor Soars in 'Peter Pan'
A! Magazine for the Arts Celebrates 15 Years
Local Poets Celebrate National Poetry Month; Rita Quillen Recalls Day She Discovered Appalachian Poetry
POETRY by Jane Hicks
POETRY by Felicia Mitchell
POETRY by Lena Cantrell McNicholas
POETRY by Delilah O'Haynes
POETRY by Neva Bryan
POETRY by Rees Shearer
POETRY by Gretchen McCroskey
POETRY by Warren Meredith Harris
POETRY by Benjamin Dugger
POETRY by David Winship
POETRY by Henry McCarthy
POETRY by Samuel Miller, M.D.
Arts All Around: A Day Without Poetry
Youth Spotlight: Thomas Cantrell
Bristol's Border Bash Seeks Artists & Crafters
Johnson City Ballet Academy Student Places in Top 12
Watauga Valley Art League Completes Another Barn 'Quilt Square'
Theatre Is Conduit For Students' Message
Theatre of Ballet Arts Dancers Attend SERBA Conference
Affrilachia: The Artists
Affrilachia: Q&A with the Artists
'Talk to Me Tennessee' Update
TFTA Introduces Arts Advocacy Toolkit
'Round the Mountain Draws Attention to Artisans Throughout Southwest Virginia
Tennessee Arts Commission Names New Officers
Highlands Community Services Looks to Art to Promote Recovery
Science & Art: Creative Partners
Science & Art: 'Symbiosis' Art Exhibition
Science & Art: 'Ocean Gems' Exhibition
Science & Art: 'Artistic R-evolution,' 'Earth Permanence' and 'Orders of Magnitude'
'Ocean Gems' Calendar Sales Fund Scholarships to Visit Museum at Gray Fossil Site
Art in Public Places: Abingdon
VHF: 2008 Youth Art Show Winners Announced
IN FOCUS: Northeast State Raises Curtain on Regional Performing Arts Center Wing
Artists Are Doing Well At Highlands Festival
Art In Downtown Bristol Draws Varied Responses
Governor's School Prepares Virginia High Senior For Dorm Life
11-Year-Old Fiddle Player & His Band Will Perform During Rhythm & Roots
Actors Awarded Scholarships at Barter Theatre
TAC Awards Grants to Arts Organizations
Student Ticket Subsidy Provides Opportunities For Public Schools
Young Actor Cares Deeply About Her Art
Shared Stage
Deaf Actor Hopes More People Learn To Use Sign Language
Sign Language Interpreter Sees Job As A Ministry
Arts Programs Are Part Of Bristol's Progress
Path Clear For Rebirth Of William King Regional Arts Center
Betsy White: Going, Going ... But Not Gone
Youth Spotlight: Drama Class A 'Transformative' Experience
Arts Groups Fret the Woes of Big Donors
Art in Public Places: People's Choice Award
What Others Are Saying to the 'People's Choice' Award Winner...
Young Actors Awarded Scholarships at Barter Theatre
Google Ad Grant for Nonprofits
Arts Fundraising Shifts Gears in Perilous Economy
Funding for Federal Programs at 2008 Levels
U.S. Conference of Mayors Forum on Arts for Next Administration
Five Recommendations for Nonprofits in a Recession
Wanted: Artists & Cultural Organizations for Virginia's 'Minds Wide Open' Celebration
Max Hale Has An 'Eye' for Photography
Library Unveils Children's Mural
Impact of Federal Elections on the Arts
The Role of the Arts in Building the 21st Century American Workforce
Barter Theatre Announces Winners of 2008 Young Playwrights Festival
The Arts. Ask for More!
Ten Ways to Get More Art in Kids' Lives
President-Elect Obama Talks About the Arts on 'Meet The Press'
Art-In-Architecture Artist Registry
Rare Opportunity to View Sculptor's Work
Highlands Festival Names 2009 Signature Artist
What's Your Hope for the Arts in Your Community for 2009?
Student Art On Exhibit at Lee Regional Medical Center
Petition for 'Secretary of the Arts and Culture' Gaining Momentum
Deadlines for JANUARY Print Edition
Where to find A! Magazine for the Arts
Working Under a New Global Economic Model
Recommendations Sent to Obama Transition Team
Proposed Economic Stimulus Package includes $50 Million for NEA
New Director, New Opportunities for Children's Choral Academy
Arts and Culture Can Play Role In State Economic Development
Arts in Economic Recovery Legislation Proposed
NEA Issues Statement regarding Arts and Economic Stimulus
Arts Leaders Urge Role for Culture in Economic Recovery
Caterpillars Back in Downown Bristol
Virginia Candidates Surveyed on Arts Funding
Free Help Offered to Nonprofit Arts Groups
John Battle Student Designs 'Wings & Wheels' Artwork
Endowment Establishes School of the Arts at ETSU
As Economy Plummets, Activity At Local Library Booms
Afterschool Adventures: A Potter's Wheel Dizzying for Some, Calming for Others
Area Music Students Visit White House
Knoxville Student Wins Poetry Out Loud State Final
Listen as Young Pianist Performs with The Paramount Players
Local Arts Organizations Urged to Apply for Stimulus Funds
J4 wins 'Singing Family Face Off'
'Narnia' Braille Trail Opens in Kingsport
An Artist's Perspective
AAME Announces Winners of Youth Art Competition
Brownlee Named Teacher of the Year
Join Alice for Romp through Wonderland
Young Actor also a Wrestler
Caterpillar Crawl
2009 Bristol Mayors' Awards Announced
Virginia Student Wins National Poetry Out Loud Competition
Young at Art Program
What's Behind the Curtain at Barter Theatre?
The Wizard of Oz: Shaping the Production
The Wizard of Oz: Tricks of the Trade
Youth Spotlight: Elizabeth LaPrelle
Record Audiences @ Northeast State
Imagination Library Hands Out 200,000th Book
Internet & Mass Media Reaching Substantial Audiences for the Arts
ETSU Museum receives "Connecting to Collections Bookshelf'
Rising Third Grader Wins Photography Award
Barter Theatre Awards Scholarships
R.E.A.D.S Now Offers Thousands of iPod-Compatible Audiobooks
Officials Fear Abducted Caterpillars May Never Be Found
Americans for the Arts report on Arts in Schools
This Year's Virginia Highlands Festival Geared For Youth
Area Youth Headed To White House For Music Program
Brothers Passionate About the Arts
COMING UP: The Arts ~ Changing Lives!
Don't forget: Tell us how the arts have changed your life!
Kingsport's Renaissance: Bonnie Macdonald
Kingsport's Renaissance: John Vachon
Kingsport's Renaissance: What Others Are Saying
Kingsport's Renaissance Center a Home for the Arts
Kingsport Art Guild Celebrates 60th Anniversary
Kingsport's Sculpture Walk III
REMINDER: Tell Us Your Story!
Videos about Virginia Arts Organizations on YouTube
2009 Rhythm & Roots Reunion Features Five-Year-Old Fiddler
Talking Points for Meetings with Virginia Legislators
IN FOCUS: VanGogh Outreach Expanded
Virginia's First Ladies Support 'Minds Wide Open'
President Obama issues Proclamation for National Arts and Humanities Month
Deadlines for DECEMBER Print Edition
The Arts — Changing Lives: Photography, Music, Sculpture
The Arts — Changing Lives!
The Arts — Changing Lives: Public Art
The Arts — Changing Lives: Theatre
The Arts — Changing Lives: Literature
A! Magazine for the Arts Celebrates 15th Anniversary
Youth Spotlight: J4 Band
Artful Giving: The Arts Depot, Abingdon, Va.
Artful Giving: Barter Theatre, Abingdon, Va.
Artful Giving: The Paramount Center, Bristol, Tenn.
Artful Giving: Symphony of the Mountains, Kingsport, Tenn.
Artful Giving: William King Museum, Abingdon, Va.
Artful Giving: Why Local Businesses Support the Arts
Arts for Youth Spotlight: Taking Home the Gold
Barter Theatre Announces 2009 Young Playwright Awards
Majority of Nonprofits Use Social Media
Tennessee Art Groups Get New Face
Through the Eyes of a Child
Arts Commission Seeks Advice
Early Deadlines for FEBRUARY A! Magazine for the Arts
Funding for The Crooked Road
Young Equestrian Enjoys Acting
Virginia Arts Commission Seeks Input
Virginia Arts Commission Suspends Funding
Teacher Bill Phelps: Life's a Stage
Teacher Heidi McElroy: Artistic Visionary
Teacher Bandy Brownlee: Inspiring Voices
Outstanding Teachers: What Sets Them Apart
'Follow Your Dreams ... Take That Chance'
Youth Spotlight: Playing The Harp
Local Groups Rely on Arts Commission Funding
Local Women in the Arts Honored
For Abingdon Teen, Fashion is a Passion
Deadlines for JUNE 2010 Print Edition
Barter Theatre Acting Classes
Opera Singer Following in Ancestor's Footsteps
10-Year-Old's Sidewalk Art Wins 'People's Choice' Award
Galax Becoming an Artistic Destination
What If Your Burning Passion Burned Out of Control?
Early Deadlines for JULY Print Edition
Youth Spotlight: Noelle Sibley
Ambassador From Space Visits Abingdon
State Street Galleries: One of a Kind
State Street Galleries: blowfish emporium
State Street Galleries: 606 State Street
State Street Galleries: Kil'n Time
Bristol Craftsman Forges a Life of Creativity
Youth Spotlight: Alex Thompson
Windfall for Region's Art Organizations
Highlands Youth Ensemble Performs at Carnegie Hall
Early Deadlines for SEPTEMBER 2010 Print Edition
Youth Spotlight: Benjamin Dawson
Artisan Trail Unfolds in Bristol and Washington County
Bristol's Newest Downtown Decor
Barter Theatre announces Coloring Contest Winners
Deadlines for October 2010 Print Edition
Highlands Ballet Hires Tomi Wortham Short
Arrowmont to Remain in Gatlinburg
Mary B. Martin School of the Arts at ETSU
Martin Legacy Creates Other Opportunities
Martin Hopes to "Balance the Scales"
Arts for Youth Spotlight: Heather Honeycutt
NEA Announces New Play Development Project Grants
Deadlines for November 2010 Print Edition
Jonesborough Launches Student Storytelling Arts Program
Deadlines for December 2010 Print Edition
On the Horizon: Cultural Gateways
Cultural Gateways
Youth Spotlight: Zack Hughes
Kingsport Ballet Renovates Downtown Facility
Bristol Mayors proclaim A! Magazine for the Arts Day
"Arts Magazine Deserves Praise"
Mayors' Institute on City Design Releases "Creative Placemaking"
Youth Spotlight: Matthew Torbett
In Focus: Music Club 2010 Fundraiser
Youth Spotlight: Actor/Playwright Ryan Gray
Youth Spotlight: Actor/Playwright Ryan Gray
Award-winning Photography by Megan & Mia Rigsby
Bristol Music Club Scholarship Winners
Growing the Arts in Johnson City
Johnson City: Hands On! Museum
Cultural Gateway Opens June 15, 2011
Summer Reading Programs throughout the Region
State of the Arts (part 2)
Debut of 'A Special Place'
Crooked Road, Heartwood connect region
Barter Players announce Coloring Contest Winners
Arts Commission Awards Grants
Youth Spotlight: Russ Hicks
Virginia Celebrates Children and the Arts
Robin Hood: Beyond the Tights
Support A! Magazine for the Arts
Youth Art Showcased at Bristol Library
Minds Wide Open: Local Honorees
Summer Camps: Art
Summer Camps: Multiple Disciplines
Tribute to Women: Arts-Related Honorees
Look for JUNE A! Magazine on Wednesday, MAY 30
Abingdon Mural Project Begins With Stories
Arts for Youth Spotlight: Bethany Dawson
History Through Stories in Abingdon
History Through Stories in Piney Flats
State of the Arts Arts Festival June 14-16
Abingdon celebrates the arts on First Thursday
Accidental scheduling starts successful tradition
Arts for Youth Spotlight: Avery Bouton
Rachel Locke uses her passion for performing to excel in life
Arts for Youth Spotlight
Marcia & Marvin Gilliam support the arts
Beth McCoy is a huge influence on local musicians
Scenes from the AAME Arts Achievement Awards Gala
Steven Cregger excites kids about art
Steven Cregger’s art is on display at school
McGlothlin Awards honor teachers
Storytelling Live continues in September
Mary B. Martin School of the Arts announces spring line-up
Arts for Youth: Emily Cai