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Volume 24, Number 10 — October 2017


Lecture Articles

Founder of ETSU Bluegrass Program speaks at Harvard
Poet Addresses Youth Suicides, Bullying
Crooked Road, Heartwood connect region
Pulitzer Winning Author Praises Education
Jefferson Historian opens "Sunday with Friends"
Entertainment Everywhere: Experience the arts in the Mountain Empire
AAME begins new speaker series
Liz Lerman speaks twice in area
Martin School of the Arts announces spring season
Peyton Boyd lectures on architectural history
AAME Speakers Series begins
Holocaust Survivor Theodora Klayman
Sunday with Friends hosts two speakers in March
Regional poetry celebration to be held

Lecture Events

Photographer Jay Gould works with themes of science and storytelling
Art from the heart: Work in 2017 "FL3TCH3R Exhibit' communicates emotions, frustration, darkness
donottellmewhereibelong: Drawings & Sculptures by Joan Tanner