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Bekah Harris: Native Guardians

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My cousin doesn’t like classical literature, but he is a big fan of fantasy.

I’ve recently chosen a present for him on Amazon. The task was difficult: he has already read almost all good novels in this genre.

After an hour of searching, I paid attention to faerie books by Bekah Harris and decided to buy her series Native Guardians – the readers’ reviews had attracted me.

A Lot Better Than I Expected!

These books are surprisingly good. I started to read the first page just out of curiosity…

Now I’m going to read the whole series (sorry, my dear cousin!).

Entertaining Plot

The series Native Guardians includes four novels:

  • The Spirit Breather;
  • The Spirit Warrior;
  • The Spirit Battle;
  • The Spirit Reaping.

The first book centers around the story of a young woman named Emily Morrow. She is the only person who can destroy witches feeding on human souls – Raven Mockers (they symbolize death).

Bekah Harris also portrays a positive male character, Josef Stomper. Josef is a spirit warrior. He vowed to protect Emily.

Despite the seeming simplicity, the conflict often develops in an unpredictable way.

Strong Mythological Basis

What I liked about the book is its mythological images taken from Cherokee legends.

Bekah Harris really knows the Cherokee culture. She watched traditional ceremonies, visited museums, studied books on history in order to represent it as accurately as it’s possible – I’ve found out this scrolling interviews with the author.

And last but not least: the author is skilled in writing – even I, a reader who’s learning English as a second language, can appreciate her style.

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